DAY ONE: (Thursday, November 14, 2013)

Video 1: Introductions

Video 2: Deborah Bird Rose (New South Wales): “At the Edge of Extinction: Blessings in a Time of Sadness”

Video 3: Mick Smith (Queen’s): “From Haeckel to Nancy: Extinction in the Context of Ecological Community”

Video 4: Justina Ray (Wildlife Conservation Society Canada): “Challenging Assumptions and Definitions of Extinctions and Recovery in Endangered Species Conservation”

Video 5: Marty Leonard (Dalhousie): “COSEWIC’s Assessment of Extinction Risk: Practice and Challenges”

Video 6: Tom Nudds (Guelph): “On Evidence and Inference: How ‘Science-Based’ is SARA’s Assessment and Listing?”

Video 7: Joshua Schuster (Western): “Photographing the Last Animal”

Video 8: H. Peter Steeves (DePaul): “This Animal, Again”


DAY TWO: Friday, November 15, 2013

Video 9: Thinking Extinction Roundtable, Friday November 15, 2013:

Video 10: Ted Toadvine (Oregon): “Biodiacritics and the Memory of Life”

Video 11: Bridget Stutchbury (York): “Triage, Intensive Care, and Emergency Rooms: How Useful are Medical Metaphors for Conservation Decisions?”

Video 12: Arne Mooers (Simon Fraser): “Are Some Animals More Equal Than Others?”

Video 13: Ronald Sandler: “The Ethics of Reviving Long Extinct Species”

Video 14: Benjamin Hale (Colorado): “Adaptation, Reparation, and the Substitution Problem”

Video 15: Stuart Pimm (Duke): “Extinctions” Keynote Address, Friday, November 15, 2013


DAY THREE: Saturday, November 16, 2013

Video 16: Matthew Chrulew (Curtin): “Ethopolitics Against Extinction”

Video 17: Jeffrey Bussolini (CUNY): “Felidae and Extinction: ‘Victim’ and ‘Cause'”

Video 18: Gabriela Mastromonaco (Toronto Zoo): “The Role of Emerging Technologies For the Propagation of Endangered Species”

Video 19: Jacqueline Litzgus (Laurentian): “Impacts of Endangered Species Protection on Local Communities: The Pelee Island Story”

Video 20: Ursula K. Heise (UCLA): “Legally Gone: Endangered Species Laws and Culture”

Video 21: James Maclaurin (Otago): “When in Doubt: Biodiversity Measurement and the Cost of Extinction”



Laurentian University’s News Release: NR -Thinking Extinction 2013 – International Symposium at LU


Check out our new promotional video for the symposium!

Brett Buchanan’s interview on CBC’s Points North radio program, October 25, 2013:

Margaret Atwood on Extinction with Charlie Rose: click here.

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